Sunday, January 10, 2010

Air Five for Day Five!

(I promised my husband I would use that title. He is a huge How I Met Your Mother fan.) :)

Phew! As this title indicates, I have run five days this week! That equals to 16 miles! I am pretty confident in saying that that is the farthest I have ever run. I guess I played soccer in grade school but I was always so afraid. I think I was most afraid of pushing myself. When I ran to the point of exhaustion or light headedness, it used to scare me. I would start walking or quit, convincing myself that it wasn't safe or healthy. I can only hope that those days are over! I am in control for the first time in my life so I am telling myself no more excuses!

I did my first "long" run today. Since it is week 1, my "long" run was only 4 miles long. I completed it in good enough time. Just two problems:

#1 I now have a large blister on my pinky toe! Luckily, tomorrow is my rest day, but I am pretty confident it will still be there on Tuesday. Was it my plain cotton socks? Or was it my brand new shoes? I am a little frustrated at this. If anyone has any advice I would love it!

#2 I only ran the first 1 1/4 straight though. The rest of my run I alternated running and walking every two minutes. Is this pathetic? Am I even able to call it a run? My body sure feels like it got a work out so for now I am going to keep doing what I doing.


  1. I found out today that my math teacher actually designed the Lincoln marathon route. So, if you have any qualms about the route...I know a guy :)

  2. Ha! That's great! It would probably be best if you do not give me his name :)

  3. 1. Delete the word "only" from your vocabulary. there is no "only" four miles or "only" ran for x amount of miles before walking. YOU ARE DOING IT!!! Does not matter how fast or for how long. you ran 5 days in a row!!! Major applause, I don't do that..

    2. Love How I met your Mother, new episode tonight... I am wait for it..


    3. Invest in some dryfit socks there are several brands I can recommend if you need. The local running store or sports authority will be able to help. The cost is worth it and should help with the blisters. If not, it may be the shoes.

    Have a great day!! And Air Five!


    alison armstrong

  5. Thank you so much for the encouragement! I agree I do need to get the word only out of my language. I am just so intimidated by all of the great runners out there!