Monday, January 18, 2010

Are the improvements... enough?

I am so excited! I have been cutting minute after minute off of my times. I am running at a faster pace and feeling a little better as I do it. The problem is that my improvements might not be enough. I think the Lincoln Half-Marathon has a time limit. I push and I push but I really am slow! I know what you are thinking, she is just starting, she needs to quit complaining. And you know what? You are probably right. But I can't help but worry. I am running a 13 minute mile right now. Is that good for a starter? Does anyone have any advice on how to improve the speed of my pace? I need you advanced runners to speak up! :)

I know I haven't posted a lot lately and I apologize. This running thing makes me TIRED! If anyone has advice on getting a baby to sleep earlier too that would be great! :)


  1. When is this 1/2 Mary? Try doing interval training. Bump up your pace for 20-30 sec at a time and then recover for 1:30-1:40. That always worked for me!

  2. Still following you, Amy. I check in every couple days. You're doing great! And, you're still inspiring me - as I started my run today I was thinking about you. :-) And, I saw an adorable golden retriever puppy while I was out, which also makes me think of you!

    By the way, I wanted you to know one of my favorite aspects of running outside is seeing dogs in the neighborhood. True, most of them bark grumpily at me, but I still greet them with some kind words. I know to look forward to cute dogs in various yards. Once you get outside, maybe it's something that can entertain you, too. :-)


  3. You will continue to improve your time as you go. I started running 3 miles in October and I've shaved off 1 to 1 1/2 minutes per mile since then just by doing it over and over. I also added in some killer hills and I can see my progress there also.

  4. What week are you in? I am thinking of changing over to your program and it would be cool if we were in the same place.