Saturday, January 9, 2010

Great Day!

I can honestly say I had fun running today! I don't know what happened, but something clicked and I was smiling through almost the whole thing! Yay! I really appreciated the encouragement on my blog this week also.

I do have an important question though. What can I do to make the first 2/3 of my first mile easier? During it I struggle to breathe, I lose my focus, and I struggle to keep up my pace. By the time I hit 1 mile I am ready to go and I feel like I could go a long ways. Hmmm. Any advice fellow runners?

After a fun night watching Up with our great friends, I am enjoying just relaxing. I think I need to meditate and prepare for my "long" run tomorrow. I know it is only 4 miles, but that is the farthest I have ever run/walked! I will admit it... I'm scared! I just have to start telling myself now, "You can do it! You can do it!"

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  1. do you listen to music while you run? because i've always found that working out is easier when you have music playing. and it helps when you have music with a fast beat, whenever I go for really long walks i listen to music and i've realized that the faster the beat, the faster i walk. you should make a playlist of motivational, up-beat music. another thing is just start thinking, the deeper you think the better, because then you don't realize how far you've gotten. hope that helps at least a little!
    Love you,