Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I broke into 12!

I truly apologize for my lack of postings lately. Running wise I have been doing ok, but mentally I have hit a wall. I am sooo tired. I think its because I have never run this much in my life. I have never sweat this much. I have never even worked this hard before. Because of that, I should have been taking better care of the rest of my life. Eating well and sleeping are so important!

On a happier note! Today was the first day in my life that I ran a mile under 13 minutes! 12:36 to be exact! I am just thrilled that I am seeing improvement on the timer. In comparison to how I used to run, I feel like I am sprinting now. Not that it is working me that hard, I am just going so fast :)

As a side note: Someone once told me,"Once an addict, always an addict." Even though I have never had an unhealthy addiction, I have always seen myself as an addict. I love trying new things and I throw myself into it 120 percent to the point of obsession then I move on. I go crazy doing my best at whatever it is that i am "addicted" to at that time and then I drop it for the next thing. Of course naturally my fear would be that running has become an addiction for me rather than a life style change. To keep that from happening, I have picked up my next true addiction... knitting! I am obsessed! This is what I have done so far:

If anyone would like a cute hat knitted for their child let me know. :)

Happy running friends!


  1. Congratulations, but I think you have a typo because 12:30 = 13:00. Perhaps 12:50?

  2. I have a typo as well! 12:30 s/b 12:60

  3. awww cuteeee hat! I don't have any children though :( For now I guess that's ok...

    GREAT JOB on breaking into 12!!!! I'm sure you'll continue to get faster and be equally as impressed with yourself.

    As for the tiredness... I find when I'm running a lot vitamins with B12 help a TON!!!

    Hope you're loving the new world of running!

  4. That hat is looking cute. I LOVE knitting!! I'm like you in the addiction/obsession thing though. I throw myself totally into every new hobby!

  5. You are absolutely right! I think lack of oxygen made me write that one. I ran the mile in 12:36! Thanks!