Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I have been bit by the running bug!

I woke up this morning praising the running gods that I had a day off today. My knees hurt, my calves are cramped and as you all know, I have a huge blister on my toe! :) By mid-afternoon though I started to get grumpy. I was sitting on the floor playing with my baby girl, Ayla, and feeling lazy. By dinner time I was bouncing around and definitely edgy. I am sitting here at just after midnight, wired. My body and I think maybe even more so my mind, wanted to run. I needed to run. :) Scary!

Just as much as my body "needed" to run I think it is a good thing that I took a day off. I took Ayla to the local running store with me and she helped me pick out soft, blister-free socks. Ok, well she just pulled socks off of the rack and chewed on them, I picked out the actual ones to purchase :) I decided to go with the white Thorlo, Experia. Tomorrow will be my first day running with them so I will let you know then. They better be like running in Heaven considering the price! I did save over $5 in shipping though by going to the running store. Remember to support your local businesses!

I hope everyone had a great Monday and I truly appreciate all of the support and encouragement I am getting from my friends and family!

Happy Running!


  1. Hope the socks worked out well. I'll check back because I'm in the market for some :)