Thursday, January 7, 2010

The second day is so much harder!

Well, I did it. I ran 3 miles again today. I think I groaned and complained almost every five minutes though. I am so sore! Is there someone out there who can tell me it gets easier? Please? I am just so proud of myself for getting up and walking to the tread mill. That was almost more painful than running and stretching my muscles out.

I decided that everyone reading this blog should know what I look like. I am most comfortable about this because you will also see me in 115 days, after running a half-marathon!

So, that's me. I hope seeing me at the beginning of this and seeing how out of shape I am can inspire just one person to get up and start running. If I can do it, you can too! See you tomorrow and lets hope I can walk to the computer!


  1. I am unbelievably proud of you! You can do it!

    Also, you have an excellent photographer. What no shout outs? I'm just saying..

  2. AMY! Adam here. I may be in on this half marathon thing. It has yet to be decided. However, in my 3 random spurts to cross country, i can tell you it's following the THIRD day that you won't have killing legs everyday.

    Also, be careful. Cross Country, I went from almost no running to alternating 4 miles, 6 miles, 4 miles, 6 miles(sometimes 7 or 8), resulting in crippling shinsplints after not too long. ICE. ICE ICE ICE. I didn't think so either, but if you feel ANYTHING in your shin or otherwise, ICE.

    There you go. You got it, it's only 13 miles!