Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Shin Splints?!?!

It hurts... it hurts so bad!

Alright, this post is more of an advice seeking post. I need help, from the people that know running the best.

I started running this evening, (same shoes, treadmill, socks, etc.) and instantly felt a little tight in my left shin. I continued to run, thinking it would stretch out my sore muscles. At exactly two miles my right shin started shooting mild pain up my leg. After talking to my husband, who happened to be sitting on the couch next to me, I decided to stop running and stretch it out. I got off of the treadmill and instantly felt intense pain in the inside of my shin. It feels like it is right where my shin bone meets my calf muscle. After talking to my brother-in-law, who gave me great advice on how to deal with it, we decided it probably is shin splints.

What I need from you is advice on what to do now. Stop running (God forbid)? Run less? Walk? New shoes? Will they go away? How do you deal with them?

I really would appreciate any first hand advice you could give me. My race is in 101 days!!!


  1. Yo girl. First, congrats on taking on this challenge! Second, and you'll hate hearing this but you'll need to REST, REST and then REST some more until your shins don't hurt anymore. You can take an anti-inflammatory and ice them as well, but if you don't take a couple days off then you'll injury yourself further. I've pushed it before and injured myself for 6 months. I know it sucks because you are in the groove, but a couple of days off will do wonders. Runners World is my bible, here's what they suggest to do about it. Good luck!

  2. You can rest, but of course there are other options...
    Your shins hurt because the muscles in the front of your shin (yes there are muscles there- weird, huh) are not as strong as your newly found calf muscles from running.

    Shin Splints (from what I've seen) are usually a 3 step helaing process:

    1)Detect any other causes of the shin splits and remove-- flat feet? Very hard pounding when you run (ask the hubby if he can hear you from down the street), worn out shoes? I know you love it-- but a hard surface like a treadmill???
    2)The normal RICE treatment for the first day or 2. Rest, Ice, Compressoin, Elevation
    3)Strengtheing the muscles (some exercises below)...

    You need to strengthen those front muscles to even them out and stop the pain. There are a few things you can do... walking backwards helps a lot-- you can do it pre and post runs or in the middle if you don't mind. You can also try laying a small towel on the ground, dig your heel into the ground and with just your toes, try to scrunch the towel up-- you do sort of a clawing motion and you should feel it in the front part of your lower legs.

    Also, you can try leaning against a wall, plant your heels in the ground and lifting your feet toward your shins as far as they go, then back down.

    Also-- get some dixies cups, fill them with ice and freeze them. Post-runs (and some say pre) roll them up and down on your shins.

    Since this is the first time you're feeling them I think you'll be ok... but if they keep going take it easy-- you can very seriously fracture your legs-- I have a very experienced running friend who did this a few months ago due to bad orthodics. He kept running, and ended up with small fractures and was out for weeks.

    Hope that mouthfull helps!!! Good luck

  3. I have no idea honestly. You could make an appointment with a PT and get advice?