Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Started off running...

A new week is here and with it is a new set of goals and plans. This week I plan on running 17 miles, 1 more mile than last week, and I plan on taking down my pace to consistently under 14 minute miles. I think it is an achievable goal.

Did anyone watch Biggest Loser tonight? I am so amazed at the bravery those contestants exhibit every time! Getting in front of millions of people half naked? Ha! No way in hell! I kind of enjoyed watching that Italian mom wipe-out too. I am truly ashamed!

Running tonight was really rough at the beginning. My calves were burning when I walked but felt better when I ran. I guess that was good and bad :) I think it might have been my new socks though. I tried my new Thorlo Experias out tonight. My feet were super hot in them (not the good kind of hot) and they were almost sliding around. I think that might have attributed to my cramped calf muscles. Ever have to walk a couple miles in loose sandals? Felt the same way. Hmmm. My blister is filling back up too. They were super comfy tough! I guess we will give it a few more days. So for now the jury is out on the socks.

Good news though! In one week I have taken a minute off of my mile! Good enough improvement for me. I hope everyone has a great day tomorrow! I will be meeting my first day of schedule conflicts and squeezing a run in. I'm just hoping I don't have a black eye tomorrow. My overly exuberant Golden Retriever, Zeke, decided to rearrange my nose this morning. It still hurts to breathe through it over 12 hours later. Any one see Up? Doug is a fat version of my golden. :) Squirrel!!!

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