Friday, January 8, 2010

Today is my day off! (Thursday)

For those of you so concerned because I didn't post my running successes for the day... relax! I am still on pace. I am actually following a running schedule that is developed for beginners trying for the half-marathon.

I am obviously on week 1. I also wanted to thank my brother-in-law for giving me some beginner tips. If he is right, I should be feeling great after Day 3 of running. Hope you are right Adam!

Thanks for all of the encouragement everyone! I'm going to go let my Golden Retriever run on the tread mill now. My day off is his day to run. If only they would let Zeke run with me on race day.

Post Script: So I was just rereading my post and realized that I have already messed my schedule up! Ha! That's how I would do it. Oh well, I guess this week (only) I will be running Fri-Sun straight. AND the website I found the schedule on is:

Happy Running!

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