Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Another day... another battle.

I have to admit something.

A week and a half ago, when my shins started hurting, I totally used it as an excuse to stop running. Stop! Don't lose faith in me! I really didn't realize it at the time. I swear!

First of all, my shins hurt! But for some reason they became a big fat excuse. I opened my eyes when my loving husband essentially called me a quitter. He told me that I don't follow through with things. He implied that he doesn't take me serious anymore when I get excited about new things because he knows I am going to quit soon anyway.

All of a sudden my feelings were hurt more than my damn shins! But do you want to know the worst part?!?
He was right!
Just don't tell him :)

What matters is that his comments made me REALLY mad and motivated me to prove him wrong. So, here I am, back on the treadmill. Happy running and I will see you tomorrow. :)


  1. I've been beginning most of my runs with some shin pain an easy warm up then stop and stretch/massage your shins before you actually begin your run. So far that has helped me :)

  2. Ouch, hope those shins get to feeling better soon! Great job sticking to it! I'm stopping by on behalf of Tall Mom on the Run and the 1000 Mile Club to see how you're doing. Shoot me or Mel an email if you need anything and don't forget to spread the blogging love to other Club members. Happy Running!

  3. I know how to motivate my wife: piss her off and then build her back plan is working wonderfully...mwahaha