Monday, February 8, 2010

I know I can, I know I can!

I officially ran 4 miles today (my long run) and it actually felt good! I have to admit though I am starting to get a little panicky about the half-marathon. The ticker at the top of this blog makes it pretty obvious why. Eek!

I am a dedicated follower of TallMom's blog, and one thing I always appreciate her posting about are detailed accounts of her runs. I thought since I always am motivated by reading about her runs, I should share about mine every once in a while too. So, here goes:

I started out with an easy warm-up walk. It was going well until I felt a clunk and slip every time I took a step. No, it wasn't my joints falling apart, it was my treadmill saying to me, "Again?!" So I stopped, put in a few turns with the wrench, and hopped back on for try number two. As I was warming up, my loving husband agreed to let me watch my favorite running show on t.v.. Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman!!! Come on ladies! You know it was your favorite in the mid-90's.
As I am running I like to think of my hair flowing in the wind like Sully's did when he rode those horses. I like to think of myself as stubborn as that impossible British/Western actress Jane Seymore. Ahhh... times were so much easier back then, when no one had to run to stay in shape!

Oh right... so I was running, or started to after a five minute warm-up. I ran a mile straight with no interruptions and then proceeded to finish with a run 2 minutes/walk 2 minutes pattern. My legs have been feeling much better but I just don't want to go crazy with lots of running up front.

I reached my goal of four miles and proceeded to walk it out for a few minutes to the loud and juicy snoring of my husband. Unfortunately, his only response to brave women doctors healing the west is to fall completely and solidly asleep. Meh. I made it and that's what counts!
Happy Running!


  1. So funny to hear about people watching TV while running :) congrats on 4 miles, I HOPE that you have found your WANT to run..