Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Never Easy

Well, right when I get on track again I get horrible news that my grandpa died yesterday. So I will be out of town for a while. My goal is to keep running while there, but we'll see. My heart is just broken at this point so I really have no more words for posting today.


  1. I'm really sorry for your loss. Here's to hoping you are back on track now and taking some time for yourself. GOOD LUCK!!!

  2. I am very sorry for your loss...

  3. Sorry for your loss dear. God Bless.

  4. Not sure if you are still on the radar here...my Dad died on 10/16 at the age of 59... I am moving as best I can but my heart is broken..

    I was checking the Tall Mom 1,000+++ club and saw your Blog listed with no miles.. did you want to record any miles? Did you want to be a part of the club for 2011? Please let me know.

    Aspire to Insire,

    Tall Mom