Sunday, March 21, 2010

Outside Run #2

We had so much fun today! My husband and I went for an awesome run, on the running trail! The best part was that we took not only our daughter in her big green running stroller, but we also took my Golden Retriever and Puggle. So, if you are keeping track that is 5 Salisteans running down the path. And let me tell you, people stared! We got 2 or 3 comments like, "Wow, out with the whole house today!" I honestly wanted to respond with, "Nope! We left the other three kids and five dogs at home!" But unfortunately I was too winded from running I couldn't say much. :)

This coming week is spring break for my hubby, so other than filing taxes and building a fence in my garden, we have plenty of time to run! I am so freaking excited because he has agreed to run a longer run tomorrow... with me! I am so blessed that he has changed his tune about running.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful beginning to spring! The snow that we randomly got on Friday is melting and we are soaking up every little ounce of Vitamin D we can. Happy Running!

1 comment:

  1. GO ROB! I'm happy he's going with you. Sometimes having some company makes a huge difference!