Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A simple 5 miles... right?!

Wow! I just finished a simple, plain little five mile run... that kicked my ass! Have you had that kind of day? I have, now. I started with a five minute warm-up walk, made a quick run to the potty, and then took off running. 1/4 of a mile into the run I looked at my husband and gave him the "shoot-me-now" look. Every single 1/4 of a mile after that was a little bit more torture. I have no idea what happened. Oh well... there is always tomorrow. Which is guaranteed to be better since it will only be 3 miles! Thank God!

Do you like my avatar? I had so much fun creating her. That is my baby Ayla in the stroller... which she hates! My daughter is not a screamer but goodness all have to do is put her in the stroller to stretch her vocal chords! Meh.

Happy Running!

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  1. I had one of "those" run this week too. I totally wanted to quit after the first mile. My legs were tired, it was still cold, wet and slushy. But I made it through, as you did. My aunt, and running mentor, once told me, "it's the yucky runs that help make you a better runner". I try to keep that in mind when my heart is just not into it.